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Course Distance Calculator Program Overview

If you have entered your courses in OCAD using the standard symbols you may use this program to calculate the course length and leg lengths.  To use the  program save your course in a separate OCAD file using export by symbol.  This is something that you would normal do anyway.  Bring up your "course only" OCAD file and export (found under the file menu) it in dxf format with the name "course.dxf".  Store this program in the same folder with the exported dxf file (not just the Shortcut), and run the program. (The easiest way to run a program is to click Run from the start menu and use the Browse button to find the program.)

The program works by looking for the Start (601.0), End (604.0), Control Point (602.0), and Control Number (602.1) symbols.   It associates the closest Control Point with each Control Number.  It then sorts the Control Numbers and calculates the distance between each control point in Control Number sequence.  The cumulative distance is also reported to help design a course.

When exporting to DXF, use the GIS 1 meter equals 1 unit option (default in OCAD 6).

If the number of Control Points and Control Numbers are different, the program reports this as an error.

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Page updated: 12/18/2004